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The scientific study of the chemistry of living matter.

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Biotechnology; Biochemistry

description a statement presenting something in words, from verb describe


Biology; Biochemistry

An organism's ability to illuminate with its own body chemistry. For example, fireflies or glowing sea plankton glow in the dark. Unlike conventional light techniques, bioluminescence creates light ...

triple helix

Biology; Biochemistry

The tertiary structure of collagen that twists three polypeptide chains around themselves; also a triple-stranded DNA structure that involves Hoogstein base pairing between B-DNA and a third DNA ...


Biology; Biochemistry

Situation in which an organization composed of filamentous cells with large central vacuoles, and whose nuclei are not divided into separate apartments. The result is a long tube containing many ...


Biology; Biochemistry

Any of numerous Y -shaped protein molecules produced by B cells as a primary immune defense, each molecule and its clones having a unique binding site that can combine with the complementary site of ...


Biology; Biochemistry

The process of bone formation. Specialized cells called osteoblasts secrete the minerals combine with a network of collagen fibers, forming a hard bone matrix.

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