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Bridge construction and inspection terminologies.

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Construction; Bridge

A bridge, road, railway or similar structure that crosses over another road, railway and so on.

continuous span beam bridge

Construction; Bridge

A simple bridge made by linking one beam bridge to another; some of the longest bridges in the world are continuous span beam bridges.

industrial bridges

Construction; Bridge

Bridges constructed in a industrial plant that are used in various industrial processes to carry services, utilities, usually made with elevated steel beams that travel on a track.

Base building

Construction; Bridge

Refers to the part of a multi-tenant building that directly serves and affects all tenants. In conventional North American practice, base buildings are constructed by speculative office building ...

relieving arches

Construction; Bridge

Arches which are built at the back of a retaining wall with their axes perpendicular to the wall, in order to relieve the structure from a portion of the lateral thrust, and to increase the ...


Construction; Bridge

The available width for the passage of water beneath a bridge.

Closed spandrel deck arch

Construction; Bridge

One of the oldest and strongest types of bridges, the arch has been used in bridge building since the Roman era. An arch supports weight by compression on an axis or keystone. The axis or ...

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