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Of or pertaining to any structure that spans and so provides passage over rivers,roads etc

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Branko's Bridge

Architecture; Bridges

This is the second largest bridge in Belgrade. The bridge was built in 1957 replacing the former chain-stayed King Aleksandar I Bridge that was blown up in 1941.

Golden Gate Bridge

Architecture; Bridges

Golden Gate Bridge is a stunning technological and artistic achievement. Today, it remains one of the world's most recognisable architectural structures.

Magdeburg Water Bridge

Architecture; Bridges

This bridge links the formerly separated East and West Germany over the Elbe River, and was built as a part of the unification project. The bridge has a length of 1 km and enables river barges to ...

Oliveira Bridge

Architecture; Bridges

Opened in May of 2008, the Octavio Frias de Oliveira Bridge is constructed over the Pinheiros River in São Paulo, Brazil. Approximately 138 metres (450-ft) in height, the bridge links Marginal ...

Rolling Bridge

Architecture; Bridges

This award winning rolling bridge is situated in Paddington Basin, London and was designed by Heatherwick Studio. The unique feature of the Rolling Bridge is that it curls up until its two ends ...

Hangzhou Bay Bridge

Architecture; Bridges

The longest trans-oceanic bridge in the world extends across the Hangzhou Bay and extends to over 35.673 kilometres (22 miles) in length. It hosts six expressway lanes in two directions. The bridge ...

Banpo Bridge

Architecture; Bridges

The Banpo Bridge in Seoul got a face lift on September 9th, 2008. A 10,000-nozzle fountain was installed which runs all the way down both sides. Soon after the installation, the bridge became an ...

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