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Terms related to cameras and their parts.

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Cameras & parts

anti-shake mode

Photography; Cameras & parts

An anti-shake shooting mode.


Photography; Cameras & parts

A device for taking photographs or motion pictures. Most cameras consists of a box that has a lens that focuses light.

Mirrorless camera (MLC)

Photography; Cameras & parts

Digital camera with electronic viewfinder and/or rear display. More specifically used for system cameras with interchangeable lenses but without a viewfinder operating through a mirror and prism ...

Aperture-priority automatic

Photography; Cameras & parts

A shooting mode in which the user controls aperture while the camera controls shutter speed for optimal exposure.

Anti-reflection coating

Photography; Cameras & parts

A thin (typically with a thickness of a few nanometers), adhesive coating for glass surfaces that reduces reflection.

Control panel

Photography; Cameras & parts

A black-and-white segmented LCD display showing selected camera settings.

Mode button

Photography; Cameras & parts

Camera part used to select shooting, playback, or setup mode (COOLPIX cameras) or exposure mode (D-SLR cameras).

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