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Cancer treatment

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Cancer treatment


Health care; Cancer treatment

A chronic disease in which a person craves drinks that contain alcohol and is unable to control his or her drinking. A person with this disease also needs to drink greater amounts to get the same ...


Biotechnology; Biochemistry

description a statement presenting something in words, from verb describe

Animal-assisted therapy

Health care; Cancer treatment

A type of therapy that uses dogs or other pets to improve the physical and mental health of patients with certain acute or chronic diseases. It is being studied as a way to relieve distress in cancer ...

Bilateral cancer

Health care; Cancer treatment

Cancer that occurs in both paired organs, such as both breasts or both ovaries.


Health care; Cancer treatment

A procedure in which blood is collected, part of the blood such as platelets or white blood cells is taken out, and the rest of the blood is returned to the donor. Also called pheresis.

Bolus infusion

Health care; Cancer treatment

A single dose of drug usually injected into a blood vessel over a short period of time. Also called bolus.

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