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Of or relating to the art of making objects, buildings or furniture out of wood.

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Construction; Carpentry

The loss of colour due to exposure to sunlight.

Fast to light

Construction; Carpentry

A colour which is not significantly affected by exposure to sunlight.

Fish eye

Construction; Carpentry

Pock marks or craters that show up on finished surface when silicone is present.

Flash or flash-off

Construction; Carpentry

The point at which a sprayed coating stops flowing or leveling, premature flash causes orange-peel when the atomized droplets do not flow into a completely flat and even film.

Flash point (flamability)

Construction; Carpentry

The temperature at which a material will ignite when exposed to a source of ignition.

Flash-off control solvent

Construction; Carpentry

An addative that extends the wet time or "flash" of a sprayed or brushed coating.


Construction; Carpentry

The act of very heavily applying a coating to the substrate.

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