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fitted carpet

Home furnishings; Carpets

A carpet designed to cover a floor entirely.


Textiles; Carpets

A chemical treatment added to carpet to reduce the growth of common bacteria, fungi, yeast, mould and mildew.


Textiles; Carpets

The ability of a carpet system to dissipate an electrostatic charge before it reaches the threshold of human sensitivity.

Attached cushion

Textiles; Carpets

A cushioning material, such as foam, rubber, urethane, PVC, etc., adhered to the back side of a carpet to provide additional dimensional stability, thickness and padding.


Home furnishings; Carpets

The cut pile-style carpet made of thicker and longer yarn and is suggested for low traffic spaces. Heavy foot traffic can cause matting and crushing, so it's not the ideal choice for hallways or ...


Home furnishings; Carpets

A looped-style carpet features bulky yarns with characteristic colour flecks, produced in a level or multi-level loop construction. Most Berbers are manufactured from olefin (polypropylene) fiber, ...


Home furnishings; Carpets

Typically manufactured from woven polypropylene, a carpets backing provides a base cloth to hold the yarn in place while tufting occurs.

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