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Of or pertaining to the art or technique of making objects of ceramic such as porcelain, earthenware or tile.

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Arts & crafts; Ceramics

Basic, opposite of acidic - chemical nature of many fluxes.

vitreous engobe

Arts & crafts; Ceramics

An engobe containing sufficient flux to form to a vitreous clay coating.


Arts & crafts; Ceramics

 Also potters wheel- a horizontal disc on a foot operated or motor driven shaft. Used for throwing of pots.

neutral atmosphere

Arts & crafts; Ceramics

Fuel combustion in the furnace atmosphere, which is neither the oxidizing or reducing-the most efficient atmosphere to efficiently climb and even temperature.


Arts & crafts; Ceramics

Same as peeling: A defect in glazed and fired ware.The glaze flakes off in pieces particularly on edges.


Arts & crafts; Ceramics

 The Style of tin-glazed earthenware produced in Europe.

Firing down

Arts & crafts; Ceramics

Maintaining some heat input after maturation, to retard cooling, or to maintain reduction atmosphere during cooling. See REDUCTION COOLING.

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