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Games; Chess

Moves that are intended to disrupt the tactics of the opposition, either directly or through psychology.


Games; Chess

Any Pawn or square that is attackable and therefore hard to defend.

Deep Blue

Games; Chess

A series of special supercomputers made by IBM that had the express purpose of beating the chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov. The initial hardware was designed as a hobby by university student ...


Games; Chess

When a player realizes that he is going to lose and graciously gives up the game without waiting for a Checkmate. When resigning, a player can simply say, "I resign", or he can tip over his King in a ...


Games; Chess

A fairy chess piece that has the movement capabilities of both a knight and a rook.


Games; Chess

An opening maneuver in which at least a Pawn is offered in return for a strong position, a chance to attack or gaining tempo which permits development.


Games; Chess

A German term that means "compulsion to move". It refers to a situation in which a player would prefer to do nothing because any move leads to a deterioration of his position, but he moves something ...

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