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Chinese history

democratic centralism

History; Chinese history

A system through which the people influence the policies of the government and party members influence the policies of the party; while the government and party maintain centralized administrative ...

China Proper

History; Chinese history

Used broadly to mean China within the Great Wall, with its eighteen historic provinces. Divisible into two major, sharply contrasting regions, north China and south China. The dependencies on the ...

Cultural Revolution

History; Chinese history

A slogan introduced by Mao Zedong in 1940, noted again by Liu Shaoqi in 1958, and used more frequently in connexion with leftist attacks on the "cultural front" in late 1965 and early 1966. The ...


History; Chinese history

A term referring to political and ideological attitudes prescribed by Maoist doctrine. Usually juxtaposed with "expert" (q. V. ), the term was seldom used in the 1980s.

Barefoot doctor

History; Chinese history

Especially during the Cultural Revolution (q. V. ), a paramedical worker possessing minimal formal training who provided part-time medical service, primarily in rural areas. Promoted basic hygiene, ...

Democratic parties

History; Chinese history

Eight political parties that have been loyal to the communist government since 1949. They are China Association for Promoting Democracy, China Democratic League, China Democratic National ...

Big-character posters (dazibao)

History; Chinese history

Posters, limited-circulation newspapers, excerpted press articles, pamphlets, and blackboard news using large-sized ideographs and mounted on walls as a popular form of communication. Used in China ...

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