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Dance; Choreography

Qualities or experience derived from or based upon the senses and how they are affected or stimulated.


Dance; Choreography

An amount or degree of change, a different form of a dance movement or movements.

motivational stimuli

Dance; Choreography

Catalysts that encourage movement based on goals and ideas.

non-locomotor movement

Dance; Choreography

Movement occurring above a fixed base; movement of the body around its own axis (also called axial movement, includes bending, stretching, pushing, pulling, jumping, swinging, shaking and cheering.)

Universal themes

Dance; Choreography

Dances from a variety of cultures that share a commonality based in human experiences and that show the relationships of individuals to each other and within social groups.


Dance; Choreography

Diversity in treatment of the material within the theme of the composition; an embellishment or change in movement or theme to add interest or meaning.

World culture(s)

Dance; Choreography

The shared ideas, beliefs, customs, and experiences of a given people at a given time.

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