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Civil engineering

The branch of engineering concerned with the design, construction, and maintenance of such public works roads, bridges, canals, dams, and buildings.

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Civil engineering

exit conference

Engineering; Civil engineering

A discussion following a facility review examination involving examination team members and interested representatives of the water uses, project, and region. The topics of discussion include the ...

probable maximum flood (PMF)

Engineering; Civil engineering

The largest flood that may reasonably be expected to occur at a given point on a stream from the most severe combination of critical meteorologic and hydrologic conditions that are reasonably ...

annual work plan

Engineering; Civil engineering

Annual budget document that describes proposed work to be performed at a specific Bureau of Reclamation project, and details the amount of funds required.

optimum moisture content

Engineering; Civil engineering

The one water content (percent of dry weight of the total material) of a given soil and a given compactive effort that will result in a maximum dry density of the soil.

Unglazed tiles

Engineering; Civil engineering

A hard, dense tile of uniform composition throughout, deriving colour and texture from the materials of which the body is made. (2)

Glazed tiles

Engineering; Civil engineering

Tile with a fused impervious facial finish composed of ceramic materials fused to the body of the tile, which may be nonvitreous, vitreous or impervious. (2)


Engineering; Civil engineering

A ceramic coating matured to the glassy state on ceramic tile. The term "glaze" also refers to the material or mixture from which the coating is made.

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