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Commercial real estate is the use of property for the purpose of generating profit either through capital gain or rental income.

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ground floor

Real estate; Commercial

The floor at ground level in a building.

Gross lease

Real estate; Commercial

A lease that states all of building's operating expenses, taxes, insurance, utilites, and maintenance fees are covered by landlord. It is agreed that the tenant only pays a predetermined fixed rental ...


Real estate; Commercial

An acrynym that stands for Building Owners and Managers Association, an internationally accepted association that promotes clear communication between landlords and tenants. BOMA International ...

BOMA standard

Real estate; Commercial

Standard methods of measuring floor space to both maintain a common set of measurements throughout the industry as well as to respond to the growing number and intergration of mixed-use buildings in ...

Usable area

Real estate; Commercial

Area that can be used or occupied, varying over the course of a building's lifetime due to the natural expansion and contraction of building space and corridors. Usable area is also adjusted in ...

Rentable area

Real estate; Commercial

Rentable area is calculated by measuring the entire floor space desired for leasing, minus any vertical penetrations.

Vertical penetration

Real estate; Commercial

Includes stairways, elevators, and vertically placed pipes and ducts that serve more than one tenant.

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