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Referring to an artificial, stonelike material used for various structural purposes, that is made from the drying and hardening of cement.

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Building materials; Concrete

Slang term used to describe the unexpected fast setting of concrete that does not allow proper finishing.

Ultimate strength

Building materials; Concrete

The maximum resistance to loads that a structure or member is capable of developing before failure occurs, or, with reference to cross sections of members, the largest axial force, shear or moment a ...


Building materials; Concrete

An aggregate similar to perlite that is used in lightweight roof decks and deck fills. It is formed from mica, a hydrous silicate with the ability of expanding on heating to form lightweight material ...


Building materials; Concrete

A material that is totally immune to the passage of a gas under pressure. Any material that is truly vaporproof will inherently be waterproof.


Building materials; Concrete

When a liquid changes to a gaseous form. The ability of the gas to hold moisture will reduce as temperatures reduce; more moisture can be contained in the gas as the temperatures increase.


Building materials; Concrete

A metallic sheet or plate, woven wire cloth, or similar device, with regularly spaced openings of uniform size, mounted in a suitable frame or holder for use in separating material according to size.


Building materials; Concrete

The amount of concrete produced by a given combination of materials, the total weight of ingredients divided by the unit weight of the freshly mixed concrete; also, The cubic test of concrete ...

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