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Referring to any meeting of people to discuss a particular topic.

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Conference call

Convention; Conferences

Telephone or video connexion between three or more persons.

given name

Convention; Conferences

Preferred form for international registration documents in place of first name.

sales coordinator

Convention; Conferences

Hotel staff person responsible for assisting salesperson in selling sleeping rooms and function space. Usually reports to Director of Sales (DOS).


Convention; Conferences

Total number of people at an event.

circle trip

Convention; Conferences

A journey with stopovers that returns to the point of departure without retracting its route.


Convention; Conferences

The aesthetic layout of the banquet table, including the centerpiece, color of linen, napkin folds, china and flatware, etc.

destination city

Convention; Conferences

A city which in and of itself is an attraction, e.g. Orlando or San Francisco.

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