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Control systems

Of or relating to systems used in the closed area of a spacecraft to permit life to be sustained, so that occupants are provided with a suitably controlled atmosphere in which to live and work.

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Control systems

inlet guide vanes

Aerospace; Control systems

Devices positioned by the inlet guide vane actuator pilot valve. They are located in front of the first compressor rotor, and they control the angleof incidence of the inlet air, thus ensuring a ...

Navigation light assembly

Aerospace; Control systems

Light on an airplane that indicates the plane's position and orientation; red light on the left (port) wing tip and green light on the right (starboard) wing tip.


Aerospace; Control systems

Powered Controls The control surfaces of many modern aircraft are subjected to very heavy air loads due to the airspeed and / or the size of the control surface. These loads are often greater than ...

Admition and disposition (AAD)

Aerospace; Control systems

Admission and disposition of the personal in aeronautics.

Centrifugal-flow compressor

Aerospace; Control systems

One with an impeller (rotor), stator, and compressor manifold. The rotor revolves at high speed drawing air into the blades. Centrifugal force accelerates the air, and it moves through the stator and ...

Centrifugal axial-flow compressor

Aerospace; Control systems

Combination of the centrifugal-flow and the axial-flow compressor. It usually consists of a five-or seven-stage axial-flow compressor and one centrifugal-flow compressor. Also called the dual ...

Brayton cycle

Aerospace; Control systems

Constant pressure cycle, with four basic operations which it accomplishes simultaneously and continuously for an uninterrupted flow of power. The turbine engine operates on this cycle.

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