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Crime & punishment

Criminal offenses and legal punishment related terms.

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Crime & punishment

victim blaming

Law enforcement; Crime & punishment

When the victim of a crime is told that they are in some way responsible for their situation. This generally happens very subtly, to the point where the victim and the accusor can be unaware that it ...

Durable lease

Law enforcement; Crime & punishment

A lease that reserves a rent payable annually, usu, with a right of recentry for nonpayment.


Law enforcement; Crime & punishment

Outside; beyond the scope of; court can not consider the document because it is dehors the record.

Crime against the state

Law enforcement; Crime & punishment

It is generally used to describe a serious offence (e.g.: such as treason) committed against a national government. However in its 'looser' meaning it can be used to describe any offence against the ...

Capital punishment

Law enforcement; Crime & punishment

The legal imposition of a death sentence upon a convicted offender for committing a capital crime or offence. Also called the death penalty, capital punishment is a controversial legal practise in ...

Counterfeit currency

Law enforcement; Crime & punishment

Counterfeit money is currency that is produced without the legal sanction of the state or government and in deliberate violation of the laws thereof.

Badger Game

Law enforcement; Crime & punishment

A con game in which a woman seduces a man in an isolated location and blackmails him by either claiming rape or having an accomplice record the encounter, with the threat of exposure. Money or ...

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