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Cultural anthropology

Of or pertaining to the branch of anthropology that examines culture as a scientifically meaningful concept.

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Cultural anthropology


Anthropology; Cultural anthropology

An "amateur archaeologist" who vandalizes and destroys sites to add to his private collection, or for monetary gain.


Anthropology; Cultural anthropology

A school of economic anthropology which argues that if the concepts of formal economic theory are broadened, they can serve as analytic tools for the study of any economic system.


Anthropology; Cultural anthropology

The process of manufacturing heavy-duty stone tools (bowls, mauls etc. ) From granular rocks by prolonged hammering with a hammerstone. Abrasive techniques might be used to finish the piece.


Anthropology; Cultural anthropology

An important component of cognitive archaeology, this involves the study of artistic representations which usually have an overt religious or ceremonial significance; e.g. Individual deities may be ...

post-partum sex taboo

Anthropology; Cultural anthropology

The prohibition of a woman from having sexual intercourse for a specified period of time following the birth of a child.

independent family household

Anthropology; Cultural anthropology

A single-family unit that resides by itself, apart from relatives or adults of other generations.


Anthropology; Cultural anthropology

An attempt within a society to disrupt the status quo and redistribute the power and resources.

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