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DNA forensics

The application of the science of DNA to analyze evidence involved in criminal and civil litigation.

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DNA forensics


Legal services; DNA forensics

The presence of more than one mtDNA type within a single individual.


Legal services; DNA forensics

A hair shaft form with slight curvature but does not exhibit waviness or does not curl back upon itself to form a circle.

dithiothreitol (DTT)

Legal services; DNA forensics

Reducing or Deprotecting agent for thiolated DNA. (1,4-Dicaptomercapto-2, 3-butándiol; formula is C4H10O2S2)

Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium

Legal services; DNA forensics

Large random population of intrabreeding, which is not subject to excessive selection or mutation gene and genotype frequencies will remain clear of quantification. (P) ² + 2pq + q S2 amount applies ...


Legal services; DNA forensics

Also known as sodium lauroylsarcosine sodium salt. A detergent used in DNA extraction.

elimination/reference samples

Legal services; DNA forensics

A term used to describe a sample of known source taken for comparison purposes. Example-An elimination sample is one of known source taken from a person who had lawful access to the crime scene ...

Combined paternity index (CPI)

Legal services; DNA forensics

Odds ratio that depicts the likelihood of the alleged father being the biological father, in comparison to the likelihood of a random unrelated man in the population being the biological father.

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