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A form of romantic courtship between two persons that consists of social activities such as going to the movies or dinning out regularly to establish a more intimate and permanent relationship.

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Love; Dating

A relationship that is purely based on SMS messages instead of face-to-face, online or call-based interaction.

leftover women

Love; Dating

A term that refers to professional women in China who have not found Mr. Right or have not married by their late 20s. A big challenge for today's urban, educated and well-paid Chinese women is that ...


Love; Dating

A term coined in the popular TV series 'Seinfeld' to describe a man who has unusual and unexpected luck and success with women.

Student-teacher dating

Love; Dating

A romantic affair between a student and a teacher, usually from the same class in the same school. Although not law breaking, student-teacher dating relationships are generally considered to be ...


Love; Dating

A persona that is used to attract a woman in a way similar to the character used to represent an individual in cyberspace. This is derived from the Sanskrit word 'avatara' meaning heavenly spirit ...


Love; Dating

A mental state of intense yearning for love to the point that it affects a personal normal life. When a person is lovesick, he/she develops a deep and depressing feeling of wanting to find love that ...

Availability index

Love; Dating

The number of women or men available to date in a specific geographic location or age group. Availability index is usually calculated using the difference between the number of women looking for a ...

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