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Digital camera

Any camera that captures images electronically rather than on a reel of film.

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Digital camera


Consumer electronics; Digital camera

The camera's storage medium. Flash memory is a safe, highly reliable form of storage that doesn't need power to hold the images after they are saved. It won't erase the images unless the user chooses ...


Consumer electronics; Digital camera

An electronic device that produces a burst of light the consumer can use to produce more exposure on the film.


Consumer electronics; Digital camera

Joint Photographic Experts Group, *.jpg. The de facto standard for image compression in digital imaging devices. JPEG is a lossy compression technique, capable of reducing digital images files to ...


Consumer electronics; Digital camera

Liquid crystal display. The flat screen on many digital cameras that preview photographs that have already been taken. LCDs utilise two sheets of polarising material with a liquid crystal solution ...


Consumer electronics; Digital camera

1024 Kilobytes, written MB, used to refer to the size of files or media such as hard drives. Refers to the amount of information in a file or how much information can be contained on a hard drive or ...


Consumer electronics; Digital camera

Random Access Memory, . A type of computer memory that can be accessed randomly. This is the fastest type of memory for the computer and the most expensive. There are several types of RAM.


Consumer electronics; Digital camera

A feature of some advanced cameras, where the camera will take several succesive shots (usually three) with slightly different settings.

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