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Dramatic theory

Theories about theatre and drama.

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Dramatic theory


Drama; Dramatic theory

A person who produces non-fictional writing or literary art such as novels, short stories.

Chekhov's gun

Drama; Dramatic theory

A rule that states that any object introduced in a work of entertainment must serve a purpose - if it has no purpose, it should be removed as it only causes distractions. Using the object as an ...


Drama; Dramatic theory

A naive or unsophisticated young woman, or the role of such a young woman in a play, film, or other work of dramatic fiction. Often the heroine of a work, or the love interest of the hero.


Drama; Dramatic theory

The character second in narrative importance to the protagonist in a play, film, novel, or other work of fiction.


Drama; Dramatic theory

The main or primary character in a play, film, novel, or other work of fiction.


Drama; Dramatic theory

A character in a work of fiction, typically wicked or depraved, who is consistently at odds with the hero.

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