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Of or pertaining to the natural phenomenon when tectonic plates slide or move causing the Earth's surface also move which causes devastating damage to cities and towns.

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Design acceleration

Natural environment; Earthquake

The anticipated ground acceleration at a site used for earthquake-resistance design of a structure.

Ground motion and ground response

Natural environment; Earthquake

General terms referring to the quantitative or qualitative motion of the earth's surface produced by earthquakes or explosions.

Design earthquake

Natural environment; Earthquake

The largest earthquake that has a high enough probability of occurring at a site that it is appropriate to design a structure to withstand it.

Group velocity

Natural environment; Earthquake

The velocity with which most of the energy in a wave train travels.

Dilatancy (rock)

Natural environment; Earthquake

The increase in volume of rock due to a change in strain.

Hertz (Hz)

Natural environment; Earthquake

A unit of frequency, equal to the number of cycles per second. See frequency.


Natural environment; Earthquake

The angle of a fault or other planar geologic feature relative to horizontal.

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