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Festivals; Easter

A feast in the Christian liturgical calendar that commemorates the bodily Ascension of Jesus into heaven. It is officially celebrated on the 40th day after Easter Sunday (this falls on a Thursday). ...

easter egg

Festivals; Easter

Used to describe specially decorated eggs given to celebrate the Easter holiday. Christians adopted the egg as an Easter symbol because of the relationship between Easter and the renewal of life. The ...

Easter lilies

Festivals; Easter

The large, pure white blossoms used to decorate churches and homes during the Easter period. The white lily stands for purity, and remind Christians of the pure new life that comes to them through ...

Hot cross buns

Festivals; Easter

Used to describe a sweet spiced bun made with raisins or currants and leavened with yeast and eaten throughout the Easter season. The buns have a cross on the top, which may be made of icing, pastry ...


Festivals; Easter

Refers to an important Easter symbol in eastern and central European countries. The lamb represents Jesus and refers to the lamb sacrificed on the first Passover. Many people serve lamb as part of ...

Mardi gras

Festivals; Easter

Refers to the fat ox that traditionally led a procession on Shrove Tuesday in France, and is used to describe the events during the Carnival celebrations, ending on the day before Ash Wednesday. ...

Maundy Thursday

Festivals; Easter

The Christian feast that falls on the Thursday before Easter. The term is a corruption of the Latin phrase Novum Mandatum (the New Commandment) given by Christ at the last supper to his disciples to ...

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