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A database referring to the existence of a flow of electric charge.

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Electrical equipment; Electricity

Paved or otherwise improved areas for pedestrian use, located within public street rights-of-way also containing roadways for vehicular traffic.

Voltage regulation

Electrical equipment; Electricity

The maintenance of a voltage level between two established set points, compensating for transformer and/or line voltage deviation, caused by load current. The voltage change is affected by the ...

Voltage sag

Electrical equipment; Electricity

Voltage Sags are momentary (typically a few milliseconds to a few seconds duration) under-voltage conditions and can be caused by a large load starting up (such as a air conditioning compressor or ...

Voltage spread

Electrical equipment; Electricity

The difference between maximum and minimum voltages.

Voltage swells

Electrical equipment; Electricity

Voltage Swells are momentary (typically a few milliseconds to a few seconds duration) over-voltage conditions which can be caused by such things as a sudden decrease in electrical load or a short ...

Voltage transducer

Electrical equipment; Electricity

A transducer used for the measurement of a.c. voltage.

Voltage transformer

Electrical equipment; Electricity

Transformer used to accurately scale ac voltages up or down, or to provide isolation. Generally used to scale large primary or bus voltages to usable values for measuring purposes

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