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Electronic engineering

Electronic engineering is an engineering discipline focused on the design, fabrication, testing and operation of circuits, electronic components, devices, and systems.

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Electronic engineering

diffusion length

Engineering; Electronic engineering

In a semiconductor junction, the distance a current carrier travels to the junction during carrier life.

desk microphone

Engineering; Electronic engineering

A microphone equipped with a stand that sits on a table or desktop. It allows the operator to use both hands for equipment adjustment, taking notes, etc.

MOS capacitor

Engineering; Electronic engineering

A capacitor using metal-oxidesemiconductor (MOS) technology. It is used in MOS integrated circuits. A silicon substrate forms one electrode (generally p-type material). An oxide layer forms the ...


Engineering; Electronic engineering

A point in a computer program when, for the purpose of obtaining information for the program's analysis, the sequence of operations is interrupted by an operator or a monitor program.

Curie-Weiss law

Engineering; Electronic engineering

Above the Curie point, the susceptibility of a paramagnetic material varies inversely as the excess of temperature above the Curie point increases. This law is invalid for applications at or below ...

beacon station

Engineering; Electronic engineering

1. A station broadcasting beacon signals (See beacon, 1 and 3) for direction finding, navigation, and/or determination of radiowave propagation conditions. 2. Sometimes, a radar transmitting ...

circuit board

Engineering; Electronic engineering

A panel, plate, or card on which electronic components are mounted and interconnected to provide a functional unit.

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