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Energy trade

Delta hedging

Energy; Energy trade

The process whereby the grantor of an option decides to buy or sell more or less of an underlying futures contract in order to protect against being declared upon by the options holder. If delta ...

Head and shoulders

Energy; Energy trade

A reversal pattern characterised by a high, a higher high, a lower high, and a break below the line joining the lows between the highs, the so-called neck-line.

diesel index

Energy; Energy trade

A measure of the ignition quality of a diesel fuel calculated from a formula involving the gravity of the fuel and its aniline point.


Energy; Energy trade

The range of dates during which a ship will load.

Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR)

Energy; Energy trade

A U.S. stockpile of petroleum that was created as a counter measure after the 1973 energy crisis in which an Arab led oil embargo halted oil exports to the United States. As a result, fuel shortages ...


Energy; Energy trade

Refining process to break large molecules into smaller ones. Principal cracking techniques are: : Thermal cracking: Heating of hydrocarbons to very high temperatures, usually above 450ý C. Thermal ...

Degree day

Energy; Energy trade

Degree days are measured as the number of degrees above or below a standardised temperature on any given day. In winter, US traders track heating degree days week by week, or month by month, normally ...

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