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European law

body of treaties, law and court judgements which operates alongside the legal systems of the European Union's member states.

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European law


Law; European law

A statement or observation made by a judge about a case that is not an official part of a judicial opinion ,does not embody the court's decision, and is not binding. PL. dicta.


Law; European law

Consent is giving permission to a person to do something to or for another person.

Legislative branch

Law; European law

The branch of government that creates, or enacts, the law.On the federal level, congress is the highest entity; on the state level, the state legislature is the highest entity.

Tickler system

Law; European law

A method of calendaring that reminds the lawyer, or secretary at periodic intervals that something is due at a certain point.

Writ of certiorari

Law; European law

The vehicle by which a case is taken from a court of appeals to a supreme court; the means by which a case is taken from a state supreme court to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Plea bargain

Law; European law

When the accused and the prosecutor in a criminal case negotiate a deposition of the case. It usually involves the defendant agreeing to plead guilty to lesser charge, in return for the state ...

In loco parentis

Law; European law

Latin, meaning acting in place of the parent for the benefit of the trial and is used in family law.

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