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group value dates

Convention; Event planning

Special offers for guest rooms associated with meetings. Discounts are typically 10-30% off the standard seasonal group rates. Subject to availability and property participation.

Dine around

Convention; Event planning

Use of a number of restaurants in a destination with reservations and billing arrangements to one particular client.


Convention; Event planning

Raised platform on which the head table is placed.

Day package

Convention; Event planning

Meeting package for day meetings or local attendees for a group that is meeting at the property with guests overnight.

Dedicated conference space

Convention; Event planning

Rooms planned and located specifically for business meetings with furnishings, lighting, technology, and services designed to support productive meetings.

Classroom seating

Convention; Event planning

Arranging a conference room with both tables and chairs. Tables lined up in rows, one behind the other, with chairs facing head table. Also referred to as: schoolroom setup, standard schoolroom ...

Casual attire

Convention; Event planning

Sports shirt (possibly with jacket) for men; resort wear for women.

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