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Of or relating to a flexible woven material that consists of intertwined string, thread, or yarn.

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Textiles; Fabric

A calendering method of pressing designs or patterns onto a fabric using engraved rollers.


Textiles; Fabric

A type of needlework that involves sewing thread into a base fabric to create designs. Embroidery can be done by hand or by machine, and can use threads of varying thicknesses.


Textiles; Fabric

Fabric with patterned cut-outs, edged with embroidered stitches as part of a design.


Textiles; Fabric

Pronounced "file", it is a soft, ribbed fabric, typically made from silk, cotton, or synthetic yarns, with a slight sheen. Similar to bengaline.


Textiles; Fabric

A non-woven fabric where the fibres are pressed, matted, and condensed together to form a compact material. It comes in varying weights and thicknesses, and because of its grain, felt can be cut any ...


Textiles; Fabric

A soft twill weave, usually made from cotton or wool fabric that has been brushed or has a slightly napped surface.


Textiles; Fabric

Bamboo is a natural fibre which is bacteria and odour resistant, as well as absorbent and breathable. Bamboo's strength lends excellent durability to a fabric.

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