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The manufacturing of fiberglass or glass which has been extruded into extremely fine filaments frequently used in today high speed communications network.

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Honeycomb core

Manufacturing; Fiberglass

Strips of paper, plastic, metal, etc. , joined together to form a honeycomb pattern. Used as a lightweight core in sandwich moldings.


Manufacturing; Fiberglass

Cracking of gel coat or resin due to stress.

Pot life

Manufacturing; Fiberglass

The time during which the catalysed resin remains liquid or "workable. "


Manufacturing; Fiberglass

A low density material used between two FRP skins. Examples of core materials are end-grain balsa wood, urethane foam, PVC foam and various honeycomb materials.

Cure time

Manufacturing; Fiberglass

Time between introduction of catalyst or initiator to a polymer and final cure.

Flexural modulus

Manufacturing; Fiberglass

ASTM D-790. An engineering measurement which determines how much a sample will bend when a given load is applied.


Manufacturing; Fiberglass

An extension around the perimeter of a mould or part for the purpose of demolding, stiffening or connecting two components.

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