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Fine art

Of, or pertaining to the creation of, any visual art that was considered to have been created for purely aesthetic purposes.

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Fine art

sold out

Arts & crafts; Fine art

Said of a limited edition print once it is no longer available at issue price and is being sold instead at secondary market prices.

folk art

Arts & crafts; Fine art

Art of people who have had no formal, academic training, but whose works are part of an established tradition of style and craftsmanship.


Arts & crafts; Fine art

the Victorian craft of cutting out motifs from paper gluing them to a surface and covering with as many layers of varnish as is required to give a completely smooth finish.


Arts & crafts; Fine art

Collage is from the French meaning "paste up". The combination of pieces of cloth, magazines and other found objects to create artwork.


Arts & crafts; Fine art

Paint made of pigment mixed with oil usually linseed. The oil serves to keep the paint fluid for a period of time and then as a drying and hardening agent.

Offset lithographic print

Arts & crafts; Fine art

(or offset photomechanical reproduction). The original image or a photograph of the image is scanned into a computer to produce colour separations, one for each colour used in the printing process: ...

Naive art

Arts & crafts; Fine art

Art created by untrained artists. It is characterised by simplicity and a lack of the elements or qualities found in the art of formally trained artists.

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