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Firewall & VPN

Terms relating to firewalls, which help keep a network safe by not accepting potentially harmful datapackets. Also relates to VPNs, or virtual private networks, that virtually provide a different IP address which makes it seem that the user is using a computer from another location.

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Firewall & VPN


Network hardware; Firewall & VPN

This acronym means Network Time Protocol, and refers to the application protocol that uses port 123/UDP. The Raptor Firewall comes equipped with a standard proxy for NTP.


Network hardware; Firewall & VPN

Refers to network traffic that originates from behind an Raptor Firewall.


Network hardware; Firewall & VPN

Ping is a programme that uses ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) echo request packets to verify IP connectivity to another host or network. The standard ping programme that comes with Windows ...


Network hardware; Firewall & VPN

This acronym means Post Office Point version 3, and refers to an email application protocol that uses port 110/TCP. POP-3 is usually passed through the Raptor Firewall using a GSP.

Proxy redirection

Network hardware; Firewall & VPN

Proxy Redirection allows the Network Administrator to combine VPN with application-level proxies. In effect, this allows network traffic to be sent securely across an untrusted network and then be ...


Network hardware; Firewall & VPN

RaptorMobile runs on windows-based PCs, and allows the user of the PC to securely connect across hostile networks, such as the Internet, to servers behind a Raptor Firewall.


Network hardware; Firewall & VPN

A RaptorRemote firewall is basically the same as a Raptor Firewall, except that it does not have a locally installed GUI (RMC or RCU). Since a GUI is necessary for configuring the firewall, the ...

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