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Amp hour

Fishing; Fishing

Storage capacity measurement of a deep-cycle batter obtained by multiplying the current flow in amps by the hours that it's produced.

Anal fin

Fishing; Fishing

The median, unpaired, ventrally located fin that lies behind the anus, usually on the posterior half of the fish.


Fishing; Fishing

Peson using pole or rod and reel to catch fish.


Fishing; Fishing

Also known as “hook and line” fishing, angling is recreational fishing with a line attached to a pole that can be held in hand while catching fish, or by a hand-operated line without a rod and ...


Fishing; Fishing

Members of the phylum Annelida, a group of worm-like invertebrates whose bodies consist of a series of rings or segments (e.g., earthworms, leeches).

Artificial baits

Fishing; Fishing

Lures or flies made of wood, plastic, metal, feathers, or similar inert material.

Adipose fin

Fishing; Fishing

On some fish, the fatty fin between the dorsal and tail fin

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