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Of or pertaining to the laying or building of floors.

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homogeneous sheet flooring

Construction; Flooring

Floor surfacing in sheet form that is of uniform structure and composition throughout, usually consisting of vinyl plastic resins, plasticizers, fillers, pigments, and stabilizers. (Sometimes called ...


Construction; Flooring

This large family of finishes has a common trait of having the solids suspended in water which is used as the solvent. A clear, color free finish available as a one part, cross-linked or as a ...


Construction; Flooring

Usually refers to a portland cement.

concrete curing compound

Construction; Flooring

Compounds which are applied to new concrete to seal water in for curing. This makes it possible to get onto the concrete quickly. Traditionally, slabs were kept wet for curing by traditional means ...


Construction; Flooring

A colour produced by the addition of another colour to white tint base or stain. The act of adding the colour to the white material is known as tinting.

Tile resilient flooring

Construction; Flooring

A flat, thin piece of resilient material (such as cork, linoleum, rubber, solid vinyl, or vinyl composition) that is used to cover floors and can be installed as individual units. Tiles are usually ...


Construction; Flooring

A moulding designed for the purpose of completing an installation around or next to sliding glass door tracks, fireplaces, carpeting, ceramic tile, and other objects so as to maintain a proper ...

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