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Of or realting to the reproductive part of a flowering plant. The flower facilitates the unification of sperm and eggs. Also, flowers are used by humans as decoration, romance, ritual, religion, medicine, and food source.

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Biology; Flowers

Elongated and thickened cell found in xylem tissue. It strengthens and supports the surrounding cells.


Plants; Flowers

Collection of reproductive structures found in flowering plants.


Plants; Flowers

In flowering plants, the structure which encloses the seeds. True fruits develop from the ovary wall, such as bananas and tomatoes, though not all fruits are edible, such as the dry pods of ...


Biology; Flowers

A plant which grows upon another plant. The epiphyte does not "eat" the plant on which it grows, but merely uses the plant for structural support, or as a way to get off the ground and into the ...


Plants; Flowers

When a plant's vascular tissue develops in discrete bundles, it is said to have a eustele. See also protostele and siphonostele.


Biology; Flowers

Usually the below ground portion of a plant.


Plants; Flowers

A series of whorls of leaves or leaf-like structure produced at the base of the stem, just above the ground.

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