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Football, also called American Football, is a team sport consisting of two teams each of which can have 11 players on the field at any given time.

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Sports; Football

when a ball carrier is tackled in his own end zone after bringing the ball there under his own power; the defense earns 2 points and receives a free kick from the offenses own 20-yard line.


Sports; Football

a tackle of the quarterback behind his line of scrimmage.


Sports; Football

A freshman or first-year player in the NFL.

red shirt

Sports; Football

a designation given to a college player who did not play in any games during a particular year due to injury or coach's choice; such a player is permitted to practice with the team during that season ...


Sports; Football

an attempt by a player who has just caught an interception, punt, or kickoff to advance the ball the other way.


Sports; Football

evasive movements by a quarterback to avoid being sacked.

red zone

Sports; Football

the imaginary area between the defense's 20-yard line and its goal line from which the offense is most likely to score points.

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