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Financial services; Funds

The dollar value for each item. For alternative investments indicates amount to be invested in the fund. Depending on the fund this may be reduced to reflect any up front fees associated with this ...

Dollar cost averaging

Financial services; Funds

A technique for investing in stocks or mutual funds where the investor buys a fixed dollar amount of securities at regular time intervals. In effect the investor is able to buy more shares when the ...

Bearer bond

Financial services; Funds

Bonds issued with detachable coupons that must be presented to a paying agent or the issuer for semiannual interest payments. Also known as Coupon Bond. Securities are no longer issued in this ...

Amount without surrender charge

Financial services; Funds

Amount of money that can be withdrawn from the contract without any penalties or charges specified in the contract.

Download format

Financial services; Funds

Account information is available for download in either Plain Text (ASCII) or Quicken (QFX) format. To download data to a comma delimited format for use with spreadsheet software such as Excel or ...


Financial services; Funds

The person designated to receive the death benefit when the person insured by the policy dies.

Annual expense ratio

Financial services; Funds

The percentage of a Fund's assets deducted each fiscal year for fund expenses, including Rule 12b-1 fees, management fees, administrative fees, operating costs, and all other asset-based costs ...

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