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Garden tools

Tools that are made for the use of landscaping.

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Garden tools


Tools; Garden tools

Edgers make it easy to trim under decks and shrubs, or to outline grass along a walkway. Today, most edgers are either gas or electric, and spin a tough nylon string at a high speed to cut thick ...


Tools; Garden tools

A tool good for trimming large branches, pruning trees and cutting wood. The face of an axe can also be used to drive nails into wood or stakes into the ground. Most axes have either a single or ...


Tools; Garden tools

A handy piece of equipment that can be used year-round. Powered by either a small gas or electric motor, they blow unwanted leaves, grass and dirt from sidewalks and patios. Many newer models even ...

Bow saw

Tools; Garden tools

Perfect for removing dead tree branches and pruning large bushes. Resembling a hunter's bow, the single C-shaped frame and handle design provides proven stability. The replaceable steel blade ranges ...

Bulb planter

Tools; Garden tools

The device resembles a tin can with a handle on top and a tapered end on bottom. Simply push the sharp end into the ground, catch the soil inside the planter, drop a flower bulb in the hole and ...


Tools; Garden tools

A tool that resembles a screwdriver with a split blade on the end. It is used to dig up dandelions and other weeds, roots and all. It comes in a variety of lengths and sizes.

Watering can

Tools; Garden tools

Tool for watering either indoor plants and outside gardens. Models are typically available in plastic or metal and can hold a couple quarts or a couple gallons of liquid. Some feature an open spout ...

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