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Fee-for-service (FFS)

Health care; General

Traditional method of payment for health care services where specific payment is made for specific services rendered. Usually people speak of this in contrast to capitation, DRG or per diem ...


Health care; General

Relating to, or founded upon, a trust or confidence. A legal term. A fiduciary relationship exists where an individual or organisation has an explicit or implicit obligation to act in behalf of ...

Financial services modernization act

Health care; General

Legislation that allows convergence among the traditionally separate components of the financial services industry - banks, securities firms, and insurance companies. Also known as the ...

Fiscal intermediary

Health care; General

The agent (e.g., Blue Cross) that has contracted with providers of service to process claims for reimbursement under health care coverage. In addition to handling financial matters, it may perform ...

First dollar coverage

Health care; General

Insurance coverage with no front-end deductible where coverage begins with the first dollar of expense incurred by the insured for any covered benefit.

Fail first requirements (also called step therapy)

Health care; General

Drug plans may require an enrollee to try one drug before the plan will pay for another drug. Step therapy aims to control costs by requiring that enrollees use more common drugs which are usually ...

Favourable selection

Health care; General

Selection of subscribers or covered lives based on data that shows a tendency for utilisation of health services in that population group to be lower than expected or estimated.

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