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General boating

sick bay

Boat; General boating

The compartment reserved for medical purposes.


Boat; General boating

Canoes are paddle powered craft for exploring shallows to running white water. They are light-weight narrow boats with pointed ends and open top. They can be propelled by one or more seated or ...

Gaff vang

Boat; General boating

A line rigged to the end of a gaff and used to adjust a gaff sail's trim.


Boat; General boating

A line used parallel to that of the length of a craft, to prevent fore-aft motion of a boat, when moored or docked.


Boat; General boating

A line invented by Briggs Cunningham, used to control the shape of a sail.


Boat; General boating

A harbour or harbour, or haven, is a place where ships may shelter from the weather or are stored. Harbours can be man-made or natural.

Asylum harbour

Boat; General boating

A harbour used to provide shelter from a storm.

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