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Terms and definitions related to fashions in general.

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General fashion


Fashion; General fashion

The last component you need to call something fashion. There must be a change in the style you introduced and got acceptance. No change no fashion. New ideas, looks have to be accommodated to make a ...

hairy stockings

Fashion; General fashion

A special type of full-leg stockings that simulate the appearance of a pair very hairy male legs. Also called anti-pervert stockings, the hairy stockings are specially designed for girls who want to ...

Flat Twists

Beauty; Hair style

Flat twists are the sister of cornrows. The only difference is that flat twists are composed of two strands, while cornrows are composed of three. The difference is a looser and more relaxed look.

Close Cut

Beauty; Hair style

The close cut is a uniquely African style. Shaving the hair so short is a scary thing for many women, but for some with natural hair, it provides a sense of freedom. Your face is outlined very ...

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