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General gaming

Toate baza

Video games; General gaming

Este un meme de pe Internet care a inceput sa se raspandeasca in jurul anului 2000. S-a creat in legatura cu inaugurarea jocului Zero Wing creat de cei de la Mega Drive, un joc destul de obscur care ...

Konami code

Video games; General gaming

An input code for many games, invented and particularly used in Konami games. The code is Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A. The code is now in over 100 games and has varying ...

Cow Clicker

Video games; General gaming

A satirical Facebook game released in July 2010 by Ian Bogost that highlighted the exploitative and mundane nature of many other popular games such as Farmville. The game is purposefully ultra-basic ...


Video games; General gaming

RoomAlive is an augmented reality system that extends an Xbox gaming environment to an entire living room. Microsoft first demonstrated the technology with its IllumiRoom research project at the 2013 ...


Video games; General gaming

The statistics that determine a character's competencies within a game world, such as strength or intelligence.

Final boss

Video games; General gaming

The name given to the final enemy in a video game. They tend to be among the hardest enemies in the game and their defeat will initiate the conclusion of the story.


Video games; General gaming

A name given to a particularly tough enemy in a video game. They are frequently found at the end of an area or level and are often unique.

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