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General language


Language; General language

Morris divided semiotics into three branches: syntactics, semantics and pragmatics. Pragmatics refers to the study of the ways in which signs are used and interpreted. The interpretation of signs ...


Language; General language

Priorist or foundationalist theories grant ontological priority to certain 'foundational' entities which are regarded as 'givens' or first principles. Various theorists assign causal priority to ...

adnominal adjunct

Language; General language

Any optional word, phrase, or clause that modifies nouns, noun phrases, or pronouns.

Bloom's taxonomy

Language; General language

Benjamin Bloom created this taxonomy for categorizing the level of abstraction of questions that commonly occur in educational settings. The taxonomy provides a useful structure in which to ...

expository text

Language; General language

Text written by the author to explain, to explain, to present information, or to persuade. Expository text subject-oriented and contains facts and information using small dialog. Example of ...


Language; General language

In its most extreme version 'the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis' can be described as relating two associated principles: linguistic determinism and linguistic relativism. Applying these two principles, the ...


Language; General language

A mode in which the marker is not purely arbitrary but directly connected in some way (physical or causal) to the signified-this link can be observed or inferred (such as smoke, Vane, a thermometer, ...

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