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General psychology


Psychology; General psychology

1. The confusion of logic with psychology. 2. The view that the branches of philosophy are applications of psychology. 3. The claim that human spiritual existence and the intellectual, logical, ...

Dunning-Kruger effect

Psychology; General psychology

A chiefly American phenomenon where the unskilled will rate their ability at a task higher than average, whereas the legitimately skilled will think of themselves as below average. This occurs for ...

game transfer phenomena

Psychology; General psychology

Game transfer phenomena is a range of cognitive quirks that can follow extended computer gaming sessions. It suggests that players often hear game sounds such as explosions, screams and laser fire, ...

Streisand Effect

Psychology; General psychology

When the spread of certain information accelerates due to the attempts to slow it down. The effect was named in 2003 when American entertainer Barbara Streisand tried to prevent people spreading a ...


Psychology; General psychology

Gender gender identity a person's self perception and presentation are expected to match location. It is the opposite of transgender does not match the perception of where the gender most people than ...


Psychology; General psychology

A perceptual dimension of sound influenced by the amplitude of a sound wave; sound waves with large amplitudes are generally experienced as loud and those with small amplitudes as soft.

ganzfeld experiment

Psychology; General psychology

A technique that uses the ganzfeld effect to test individuals for extrasensory perception (ESP). In the experiment, participants are placed in a room in comfortable armchairs, Table tennis balls cut ...

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