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A variety of science subjects concerning the fundamental knowledge about different aspects of our world and their underlying principles.

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General science


Science; General science

The smallest independant part of an organism is called cell.

queueing theory

Science; General science

The mathematical theory of the formation and behavior of queues or waiting lines. The name is also applied loosely to the mathematical study of a wide variety of problems connected with traffic ...

Texas sharpshooter fallacy

Science; General science

The logical fallacy where somebody identifies a pattern in a body of information where the individual points of data have no relationship. It is named after a fictional scenario where a person shoots ...

ionization potential

Science; General science

The potential difference through which a bound electron must be raised to free it from the atom or molecule to which it is attached. In particular, the ionization potential is the difference in ...

magnetic thermometer

Science; General science

A thermometer whose operation is based on Curie's law, which states that the magnetic susceptibility of noninteracting (that is, paramagnetic) dipole moments is inversely proportional to absolute ...


Science; General science

The outer part of the Earth, including the crust and upper mantle. It is about 62 miles thick.

airplane wing design

Science; General science

The design of the airplane wing is fundamental to efficient flight. The choice of the wing shape for a particular airplane is dictated by the application, the plane's speed (subsonic or supersonic), ...

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