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Electrical equipment; Generators

A device that stores electrostatic energy in a manner similar to the way an inductor stores electromagnetic energy. Often used for filtering or DC blocking.

Hertz (Hz)

Electrical equipment; Generators

The term Hertz is the preferred designation for cycles per second (CPS) and is used to describe frequency. Appliances in the US use 60 Hz, elsewhere it is 50 Hz.


Electrical equipment; Generators

Phase refers to the windings of an AC generator. In a three-phase generator there are three windings, typically designated as A-B-C, R-S-T or U-V-W. A single-phase generator has only one winding.


Electrical equipment; Generators

Power refers to the rate of performing work or of expending energy. Typically, mechanical power is expressed in terms of horsepower and electrical power in terms of kilowatts.


Electrical equipment; Generators

A unit for measuring total electric power. The unit of measure for true power.

Efficiency (EFF)

Electrical equipment; Generators

Efficiency is the ratio of total output power to input power expressed as a percentage.


Electrical equipment; Generators

Electronic Industries Alliance. An organisation that helps set standards in the electronics industry.

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