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Adjustable glasses

Eyewear; Glasses

Recently in the news for the consumer market, adjustable glasses have also been featured as a method of alleviating difficulties and increasing productivity for people in developing nations. ...

O. D. & O. S.

Eyewear; Glasses

O.D. is the right eye and O.S. is the left eye.

Oakley plutonite

Eyewear; Glasses

Oakley’s patented XYZ Optics® maintains visual clarity at all angles of view, even at the edge of raked-back lens contours that maximise peripheral vision and protection. Oakley premium eyewear ...


Eyewear; Glasses

These lenses automatically turn dark in bright light and lighten indoors. The lenses are activated by ultraviolet light and will not darken behind the protection of your windshield. Lenses such as ...

Trivex lenses

Eyewear; Glasses

Trivex lens material lets you prescribe a single, thin lens with the qualities of many. This revolutionary material combines the key lens attributes while offering superior optics. Only the finest ...

UV philtre

Eyewear; Glasses

A lens coating, either on or embedded in the lens, that philtres UV radiation.

ANSI Z87.1 standards

Eyewear; Glasses

Safety standards that must be met for glasses to be considered safety glasses. Watch the Oakley High Velocity Impact video to see the results!

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