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Golf is a sport played with a club, usually made of wood, metal or carbon fiber, which is used to hit a small plastic ball from a tee into a hole. The game is primarily a precision and technique sport.

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mixed foursome

Sports; Golf

A team with a male and female golfer, they play the same ball and play alternating shots.

middle wedge

Sports; Golf

An iron with a loft between a pitching wedge and a sand wedge.


Sports; Golf

An official who is involved with crowd control during tournaments.


Sports; Golf

This is what a normal golf game is called or at least how it is scored. When the play is over all the shots are added up the winner is the player who took fewest.


Sports; Golf

This allows a player to reply a shot.


Sports; Golf

A golf tournament that is played at Augusta National Golf Course

match play

Sports; Golf

A type of competition where each hole is won, lost or halved (tied). The winner is the player who wins the most holes.

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