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Graphic design

web-safe colors

Design; Graphic design

A color table containing only 216 out of a possible 256 colors, used to accurately match the colors of graphics and pictures in cross-platform Web browsers.

Vector graphic

Design; Graphic design

A graphics format that uses mathematical paths, or vector splines to create shapes and lines in a drawing. Compared to bitmapped images, vector graphics are resolution independent and have much ...


Design; Graphic design

A filter is a pre-created effect that can be applied to images to acquire a certain look.

Rich media

Design; Graphic design

Rich media are banner ads that use technology more developed than standard GIF animation, for example; Flash, Shockwave, Streaming video etc.


Design; Graphic design

A design or programme is said to scale if it is relevantly efficient and reasonable when applied to larger situations.


Design; Graphic design

Is a two-dimensional format made up of a set of horizontal and vertical axis used to structure content.

GIF (graphics interchange format)

Design; Graphic design

GIF images display up to 256 colors. It supports animation and allows an individual palette of 256 colour for each frame. The colour limitation makes the GIF format inappropriate for reproducing ...

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